Konjaku-So Tempozan Osaka Bay “Takadōrō”

Old x New Landmark

Back in old times, there was Takadōrō; lighthouse in Tempozan, which once was the lowest mountain in Japan. Big Ferris Wheel has taken its role and become a symbol of this area today. Takadōrō, this room’s design concept, can be found at the rooftop bath. We hope you enjoy the view of the Ferris Wheel.

Universal Studios Japan Area Info

Universal Studios originated in the United States, opened in Japan in 2001. It is a popular amusement park with restaurants and shows, that are themed on famous films such as Jaws, Back To The Future, and The Terminator.

Kaiyukan Area Info

A world-class aquarium visited by a wide range of generations. You can enjoy the whole day by seeing whale sharks (the aquarium’s symbol) swim, shopping and eating in a mall located nearby.


Accommodates 15 guests / 165m2
5 bedrooms / living & kitchen
2 toilets / 2 bathroom (a bath tub & shower booth)

shampoo/conditioner/Body Soap
Makeup Remover/Cleansing foam/Toner/Emulsion/toothbrush
cotton/Swab/A razor/Shower cap/brush
Body towel

Floor Layout


Konjaku-So Tempozan Osaka Bay “Takadōrō”

3rd & 4th floor, 3-10-11, Chikko, Minato-ku, Osaka City, 552-0021

Nearest station
3 min from Osakakō Station (Osaka Metro Chuo Line)

1 Chome Higashi, 7-11, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0077

Phone: +81-6-4301-7792