Konjaku-So Bentencho Osaka Bay

History of Bentencho “Benzaiten“

This area used to be called Ichiokashinden, one of the biggest rice fields that were built by wealthy citizens on the coast of Osaka. Yozaemon Ichioka moved to Osaka and opened the field in 1698.

However, this area was also a region that was heavily damaged by floods, as the embankments often collapsed and the fields were ruined by salt water.
Therefore, in order to calm the flood damage, they worshiped Benzaiten, the god of water. That is how we came to call this place “Benzaiten Town“.
Benzaiten was originally enshrined not only as a river god but also as a talent and financial god in Japan because the Chinese characters changed to 弁財天 (Benzaiten, 財 represents finance) when the Indian river god “Saraswati“ was introduced to Japan along with Buddhism.

Konjaku-So Bentencho Osaka Bay is an accommodation with the concept of Benzaiten (God of River).
With projection mapping, you can see fish swimming and enjoy the fireworks reflected on the surface of the water in the Hinoki bath.
The floor of the living room expresses the flow of the river with dry landscape garden.

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Guest Capacity: 9/Room Size: 80m2
4 bedrooms/living room & kitchen
2 toilets/2 bathrooms (semi-open-air bath, showerbooth)

shampoo/conditioner/Body Soap
Makeup Remover/Cleansing foam/Toner/Emulsion/toothbrush
cotton/Swab/A razor/Shower cap/brush
Body towel

Floor Layout


Konjaku-So Bentencho Osaka Bay

3-5-6, Ichiokamotomachi, Minato-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 552-0002

Nearest station
2 min walk from Bentencho Station, Chuo Line, Osaka Metro
4 min walk from Bentencho Station, JR Osaka Loop Line

1 Chome Higashi, 7-11, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0077

Phone: +81-6-4301-7792