Luxury Vacation Rental

Our mission is to create new value to provide “High class private vacation room”,
which is neither hotel nor Ryokan,
for guests who hope to enjoy private trip fully.
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Luxury Vacation Rental

Our mission is to create new value of vacation rental for guests who wish to enjoy their trip to the fullest. It is neither hotel nor Ryokan.

『温故知新』 - New insights from the past

Konjaku-So is a rental vacation brand. All the rooms are renovated to create different atomosphere with each design concept based on its areas' history. While Japanese authentic tastes remain, we provide modern items like home theater system and projection mapping.

『酒の宿』 - Sake no Yado; Your Stay with Sake

Osaka has been festive and called "a town of Kuidaore; eat till you drop" for more than 400 years. Konjaku-So does not have a meal service so that guests can explore and enjoy thier own food experience in Osaka. We prepare free drinks (Sake/non-alcohol) as a welcome service. We wish our guests have a comfortable stay in Konjaku-So.

Safety measures for COVID-19

Konjaku-So focuses on health and safety priorities for our guests and staff.
We also take safety measurements under the guidance of Japan Minpaku Association.
For more details, please refer to the following file.「感染症対策ガイドライン(PDF)」 

1 Chome Higashi, 7-11, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0077

Phone: +81-6-4301-7792