Cozy and Tasty Coffee Spot in Shinsaibashi "Lilo Coffee Roasters"

Have you ever tried light roast coffee?

Even among people who regularly drink coffee, I think there are quite a few who perceive coffee as bitter, merely a refresher, or something to sip without giving it much thought while working.

Those people might be missing out on some easily inspiring moments in their daily lives!

Today, I would like to introduce one of my favorite coffee shops, Lilo Coffee Roasters. It's approximately a 10-minute walk from Konjaku-So Shinsaibashi or about a 20-minute walk from Konjaku-So Dotonbori. Please consider giving it a try when you're in the Namba area.

Abundant Selection of Beans and Their Quality

First and foremost, Lilo Coffee Roasters offers a wide variety of beans! As far as I can recall, there were more than 10 varieties available each time. Furthermore, all of them are specialty coffees, ensuring both quality and exceptional taste.

Friendly Customer Service with Care

You need not worry about being overwhelmed by the diverse selection of beans or feeling unsure about what to choose. The staff at the counter attentively listens to our requests.

I usually ask them to suggest something in an abstract expression, such as "a light roast with a unique flavor" or "a light roast with a rich, sweet profile." I believe they would even respond to requests like "I've never had black coffee before..." or "your best recommendation of the day, please!"

Cup of coffee from Lilo  Coffee Roasters

This picture is from when I asked the staff for "something with abundant flavor and sweetness", and chose from the two types they suggested.

The rich fruit flavors of pineapple and orange came in first, and as the temperature dropped a bit, the syrupy sweetness spread over my tongue, truly giving me the experience I was looking for at that moment.

I finished work early that day, just as the sun was going down, which made me even happier to see the sparkling bean card as I walked along Dotonbori riverside in the sunlight.

Also, the staff seems to be able to speak fluent English, and there are many customers from overseas in the shop. I feel this is a wonderful place where people of any nationality gather in search of a good cup of coffee.

All the Cute and Stylish Snack and Gift Items

Looking around the shop with your cup of coffee in hand, you will notice that everything inside is stylish and cute, from the pictures the wall to the products on sale. Even the bean bags are colorful and attractive. I love their logo design, too. This shop will also be a great choice if you're looking for a small gift for someone.

That is all about one of my favorite coffee shops in Shinsaibashi. Please stop by when you stay at Konjaku-So Shinsaibashi 😛

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