Konjaku-So Osaka Castle South

Konjaku-So Osaka Castle South

Konjaku-So Osaka Castle South

History of Tsuruhashi 『Crane Garden』

In around A.D. 500’s, this area was high technology center of Japan since a lot of foreign technicians from the continent moved and lived here.
Because the area was also the important point on line from the capital of Japan in Nara to Osaka bay, the oldest bridge in Japan, named“Ikaitsu-no-hashi”, was built here by the highest technology conveyed by foreign technicians on the era.
The bridge was called “Tsuru-no-hashi”, since a lot of cranes gathered here, and the name of bridge was changed to “Tsuruhashi”in 1600’s.

Design concept of Konjaku-so Osaka Castle South is “Crane Garden”.
Crane is symbol of Health and Long Life in Japan, and we pray guests staying here to relax and be more healthy.
Many cranes are drawn in several location in this hotel, e.g. garden, wall, and accessories.


shampoo/conditioner/Body Soap

Makeup Remover/Cleansing foam/Toner/Emulsion/toothbrush

cotton/Swab/A razor/Shower cap/brush

Body towel