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Business Concept :【High class private vacation room】

Our mission is to create new value to provide “High class private vacation room”,
which is neither hotel nor Ryokan,
for guests who hope to enjoy private trip fully.
Design Concept:『温故知新』 Visiting old, Learning new
Konjaku-So Penthouse Stay is a renovated building, which was constructed over 20 years ago.
While Japanese old tastes remain, the latest facilities are also equipped in the room. We hope you spend comfortable time and feel the Japanese modern atmosphere.
Service Concept:【酒の宿 Sake no Yado】
Dotonbori has been a festive downtown as the representative of “Kuidaore (you eat till you drop)” for more than 400 years. Konjaku-So does not serve any food in order to let guests fully enjoy local restaurants in Dotonbori.On the other hand, we would like guests to stay with their family or friends in our room and to enjoy drinking Japanese Sake. Therefore, we prepare as follows: Japanese Sake as welcome drink and free beer & soft drinks in refrigerator.Please enjoy your time with family or friends with Japanese Sake after having dinner in Dotonbori.

Room introduction

Daichi Co., Ltd.

859-1 Koshinohara, Yasu, Shiga


7-11 Dotonbori 1 chome higashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka